Respiratory Protection/Dust Mask

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Aircraft Protection Kits

FRP Airline Kit Airline Kit is a unique combo unit with breathing equipment, hose and a hose real with case. To install as well as a portable unit for all breathing air application. This system connects itself to plant air and proves to be very handy, maintenance free with good respiratory protection for various breathing applications the airline kit is the most economical and the most reliable solutions for practical respiratory protection and the well finished case ensures low maintenances and good storage of breathing equipment Specification: Airline Kit is made of strong anti corrosive FRP cabinet which incorporates a friction free hose real to carry 30 meters of breathing hose. With sealed air connections to avoid leakages. This smart box can be wall hanged or trolley mounted and is fitted with inlet mini filtration system and can also accommodate breathing equipment. The well finished FRP cabinet is fitted with the lock to avoid pilferage. The Airline Kit Consists of: Face Mask, Hose, Quick Release Coupling, Mini Air Regulator and Filter. Advantages A unique combination of protective case, hose real and breathing equipment Economical breathing solutions. All connections hydro tested and leakage free Low maintenance cost


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